Polina Bregman

Personal stylist and image strategist

Polina Bregman, a personal stylist and image strategist, has gleaned from her experience that improving one's external image can significantly enhance the present moment of life. In this column, our expert will delve into various topics, such as how to achieve a stylish and affordable wardrobe. Additionally, she will discuss timeless wardrobe essentials that never go out of fashion, the impact of personal style on shaping others' opinions of us, and much more. Polina actively maintains her Instagram blog and pursues entrepreneurial activities in Germany. Despite encountering numerous challenges, she consciously declined social assistance, valuing her personal freedom above all else — a core principle that holds immense importance in her life. Having relocated to Germany due to the war in Ukraine, Polina serendipitously found the love of her life amidst her journey.

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