Olesia Borodenko

Personal Stylist, Image Maker, and Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

Olesia Borodenko, the Personal Stylist, Image Maker, and Fashion Blogger with a devoted following of 100k enthusiasts, is here to elevate women's style by harmonizing it with their inner beauty and feelings. She has gained valuable experience from running her own high-end clothing store and closely collaborating with a variety of women for more than 6 years. A native Ukrainian, Olesia’s craft as a stylist is refined by her deep-rooted understanding of individuality and the fluid nature of fashion. She aims to empower every woman to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness through fashion that resonates with their body and feelings. In this column, Olesia will reveal style secrets on how to find clothes that look stylish, expensive, and emphasize the beauty of the body while perfectly matching one's inner state. Additionally, she will share insights on which clothing trends are worth buying and which ones are better to forget.

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