7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older: Avoid These Clothes!

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Today, we are going to talk about the clothes that make us look older than we are. These clothes can easily remove the freshness from our faces and, within several minutes, can add 5 or 10 years to our appearance.

 Let's dive in if you want to look younger and fresher with the help of your clothes and avoid the ones that make you appear several years older.

When we think about rejuvenating and looking fresh, often the first thing that comes to mind is facial injectables. Several days after such procedures, you may look younger as traces of tiredness are removed from the face. However, only some people are keen on facial interventions, and sometimes they can be quite expensive.

There is also another, healthier way to stay young; by eating healthy food, doing some sports, taking walks, and supporting your mental health. But let's be honest; only some have the willpower or desire to follow a healthy lifestyle diligently.

There is a third tool that helps us stay younger, which influences our appearance, and we use it every single day. Can you guess what this tool is? Clothes! Only some people consider clothes as a tool that we can use to our advantage. Clothes can influence not only our behaviour and how we feel but also our appearance. They can make us look fresh or tired; they can highlight or conceal our flaws.

So, let's talk about the clothes that can easily add several years to our appearance without even asking. I'm going to share with you seven fashion mistakes that make you look older. It's up to you how you wear these clothes in the future. You can avoid wearing them to look younger or use them to your advantage to look more mature and official.

`FIRST ITEM:` The first type of clothes that can easily add several years to our appearance are velvet and tweed fabrics. This can include tweed jackets, velvet dresses, etc. When these fabrics are next to our faces, they can give us a more mature look. These types of fabrics are heavy and more suited for formal occasions. They make us look more mature, serious, and official. You don't have to avoid these materials, though, completely. If you love them, try wearing them away from your face or mixing these fabrics with casual pieces.

`SECOND ITEM:` The second piece of clothing that makes us look older is black clothes. Black colour highlights face changes, such as wrinkles and grey hair. However, if you love black clothes, you can wear them far from your face or mix them with fresh and light colours. Also, don't forget about jewellery. The right jewellery can easily highlight our face; choose it according to your skin tone.

`THIRD ITEM:` The third type of clothing that makes us look older is heavy materials, especially when worn close to the face. Heavy lace or coarse-knitted sweaters can add a tired look to your face. Opt for smoother materials instead.

`FOURTH ITEM:` The fourth type of clothing that makes us look older includes clothes with large prints, especially large floral or paisley prints. Avoid wearing such prints, or wear them in more tailored pieces.

`FIFTH ITEM:` The fifth type is unstructured clothing. Clothes that don't have a shape can make you look more bulky and heavy. Choose structured clothes as they make you look fresher and give your appearance some definition.

The sixth piece that can age you is old-fashioned jewellery, especially dark metal necklaces or earrings with intricate shapes. Opt for simpler, cleaner-looking jewellery.


`SEVENTH:` The last type of clothing that can make you look more mature and older is the whole classic look, like a classic suit with a classic shirt or blouse. You can play around with the cuts and shapes to make it look modern and stylish. For example, do not wear the decade of resize and stride, not full-length trousers, but you can take a jacket which has a longer shape with a more modern shape.

Or you can wear palazzo or trousers or full-length trousers with a high waist. Or you can take a shirt with a longer sleeve than you used to. Playing a little with your totally classy look is really easy now. You can make it look modern and stylish, and not that classy, which looks boring and old-fashioned.

To sum up, here are some tips on how to look younger and remove several years with the help of clothes without facial injectables. These are the easy ways that you can start to use already today. Try to experiment with your clothes and use them as a tool that can influence your mood, feeling, and appearance. If you enjoyed this video, feel free to like and subscribe to my channel.  

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