Unveiling the Artistic and Empowered Journey: A Decade of Modeling, Music, and Holistic Healing - An Interview with Melissa Lori



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Melissa Lori is a multidimensional artist, entrepreneur, and influencer whose journey through the modelling industry has been a canvas for her diverse passions.

With over a decade of experience, she's evolved from a well-known figure in print magazines like Playboy and Maxim to a trailblazer embracing music, holistic healing, and empowerment.

Melissa's authentic voice resonates across social media as she inspires self-love and challenges societal norms, all while maintaining the adventurous spirit that drives her to explore the world and embrace life to the fullest.

Melissa Lori

Your journey in the modelling industry spans over a decade. How has your experience as a model shaped your entrepreneurial mindset and influenced the various avenues you've pursued, such as music, art, and holistic healing?

I have definitely gotten to experience a lot in the modelling industry, both good and bad. I think because for a long time, the industry has been largely run by men, whether that be more male photographers or more men hosting events, it has led me and so many other women to want to step more into power.

Women understand women and what we want, and as a majority, we feel more comfortable with each other on so many levels. It has made me want to learn more, whether that be setting up my own shoots, hosting my own events (which I have done), or just teaching modelling etiquette.

I think I can speak for most when I say modelling is an art and a form of expression, so usually we models are not just passionate about one thing. I know modelling is one of my passions and ways I get to create art, but there are so many other ways I like to express myself.

Whether that be singing or writing for music, dancing, creating content, cooking, or my holistic healing, it’s all art to me. I like to live my life as an expression of my art.

Melissa Lori

Melissa Lori LLC encompasses multiple creative fields, from modelling and music to spiritual practices like Reiki and coaching. How do you manage and balance these diverse aspects of your career, and how do they all contribute to your overall sense of fulfilment?

It is a lot, haha. I need a manager, an assistant, and anything else, but I seem to do it all and wear many hats. I go in and out of each one like the waves of the ocean.

Life is a spiral of waves. Some months I am solely focusing on modelling and entertainment, while others I am full-fledged in my Reiki and coaching business. I am always juggling, really, and seeing what feels right in the moment.

I believe there are so many layers and parts to us all. At a deep soul level, I feel infinite and spiritually connected to the divine, so I am happiest when I am doing my holistic work for the community, but at the same time, on a more egoic level (in this 3D world, you can say), I love modelling, singing, and making my content to share with the world because I always wanted to be a star and be in the spotlight.

 I think as I get older, I incorporate both well, and leaving my mark has become more about how I make others feel and helping spread messages that are going to in fact help people in the world, rather than just showing sexy photos and videos per se.

Melissa Lori

With over 50 print magazine features, including Playboy and Maxim, you've become a well-known figure. How do you leverage your visibility and authenticity to inspire others and promote messages of self-love and empowerment?

I try to stay as active as possible across platforms because there is an innate feeling that I am supposed to be doing this. Not for the clout or the ego, as I used to solely believe, but because people truly follow me for the authenticity and knowledge I have and my willingness to share parts of myself that some people won’t. I also make it a point to pep up my friends, strangers, and followers whenever I can. You never know when you are making someone’s day.

Your music and artistic expressions are a significant part of your identity. How do you channel your creativity into your music and art, and how do these forms of expression resonate with your audience?

I get inspired all the time, and when I do, I either start to write, record, or do whatever it takes to get it down on paper somehow. I am very in tune, so spirit naturally flows through me. I have always been an avid listener and communicator, and I think that’s what most people are really looking for.

We all just want to be heard and seen so desperately. I feel I am that safe space that listens to people or really gives me a 100% authentic opinion. I think because I am being authentic, people can feel that about me.

Everything is energy, and when you are being yourself, others feel that too. The more I am myself in my posts and messages, the more my audience can feel that, and that's the beauty of it. We are all connected.

You've mentioned your passion for alternative healing and plant medicine. How do you integrate these practices into your daily life, and how do they contribute to your holistic approach to wellness?

I really do use it every day, whether that’s taking a few minutes each day to give myself Reiki, do some meditation, or just tap into what I am feeling and what my body is asking of me. It has been life-changing.

We are so busy on autopilot pretty much every day that we are walking zombies and can’t even listen to what our bodies are telling us.

By truly getting quiet and trusting what your gut (literally, your gut because this is your second brain, or some even consider it your first brain) is telling you, you are being guided. This is how I live my life. This is how I have healed my anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, illness, and everything else. Simply tapping into the body. We are very intuitive creatures; we just have so much blocking us that we are not used to trusting our intuition or even thinking for ourselves.

As an anti-bullying advocate, you're using your platform to address important social issues. Can you share how your personal experiences have driven your advocacy efforts and how you encourage a culture of support and empowerment among women?

I have been a victim of bullying my entire life, and I never really understood why until I was older. It’s helped me deeply connect to others, even the people doing the bullying. See, empathic people are extremely gifted people.

We have the ability to physically feel the pain of others. Not everyone has this gift. I have always sort of felt the weight of the world on my shoulders; many lightworkers feel this.

I always felt bad if someone else was sad, in pain, etc., just like when someone would bully me, I would feel it like a thousand knives in my heart. I have always been extremely sensitive and was not able to just "brush it off" the way others could.

Unfortunately, when people bully others, it is because they are in so much pain that they have to project it onto others because they cannot bear the guilt and shame. As I got older, I felt the pain of every person who hurt me and was able to release it.

 I think that’s why I continue to befriend or date people who either intentionally or unintentionally harm me. Not everyone intentionally bullies either; it really depends on what they have experienced in their lifetime, their coping mechanisms, social skills, etc. Plant medicine helped show me that I am everyone, and everyone is me. I am the villain in many people’s stories; I am sure of it, although I have never intentionally tried to cause harm.

 We are all mirrors for each other; we all have lightness and darkness in us. Women have been in competition with each other for so long, and it’s so beautiful to see us all starting to come together more.

I used to have a lot of jealousy with women, which I had to heal, and now I look at women and am in awe of their beauty. You are all the beautiful parts you see in others too.

Your presence on social media is influential, and you're a brand ambassador for various lifestyle and wellness companies. How do you approach your partnerships and collaborations to align with your values and interests?

I definitely turn things down all the time. I only want things that resonate with me and what I represent. I used to have trouble saying no or even asking for exactly what I wanted. I am a work in progress, but as of late, I have been getting things that really do align with who I am as a person.

The NFT world is relatively new, and you've ventured into it with your Divine collection. Could you explain your interest in this space and how it ties into your overall artistic and entrepreneurial vision?

I must admit, I have let myself fall out of that world a bit. I am always fascinated and curious to try new things, especially when it comes to art. I think it’s so cool that there are new ways to collect art, and since we’re in the digital era, I definitely found it an honour to have people want to purchase me and my pieces as their artwork.

 I have always envisioned myself up on people’s walls in their homes, haha (I have a painting of myself and a blown-up photograph of myself on my own walls).

I think the concept is unique; just like we used to have posters up of our favourite model or musician, NFTs are that but one-of-a-kind, owned, and digital. It’s a collector's item that you have full ownership of, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Your authentic and outspoken personality shines through in your online presence. How do you maintain your unique voice while connecting with your audience and creating a space where people feel comfortable being themselves?

Sometimes it’s hard because I’ll get a few rude people or bullies, but honestly, I just delete them or simply share a message of love back. Most of the time, I love being me, and I feel so free.

A few years ago I was only posting overly sexual content because I thought that would get me the most likes, comments, and engagement (and it did), and slowly I started to post more of me, who I am off the camera, and even though I’ve lost followers, likes, and engagement, it feels good to be showing people more of me than just the sex appeal. I enjoy making my silly reels or giving people the real talk—the deep emotional stuff that people don’t want to talk about but question or wish people did talk about openly.

I think people want to know they are worthy and loveable for all the things we’re taught to hide, and I am here to show people that it’s okay to have "flaws", and I put that in quotes because our flaws are the things that actually make us unique.

Travelling and seeking thrills seem to be part of your adventurous spirit. How have your travels and experiences influenced your personal growth and your perspective on embracing life to the fullest?

I don’t think I would be a functioning person in society if I didn’t get to travel. Not only is it a major reset from our daily routine that gets monotonous, but experiencing other cultures and ways of living really helps you broaden your horizons of thinking and being in the world.

 Life is short, as the saying goes, and it is true. Staying in the same place and not getting to experience the world personally is no way to live.

When we die, we don’t remember how much money we made or how many hours we worked; we remember experiences, taking chances, doing something crazy with our friends or partner, and telling everyone "I can’t believe I did that".

It has humbled me in so many ways, but also I get to see that maybe I like the food better here, or the people are friendlier here, or the cost of living is way better there. You get to see how different the world is, but also that we all struggle with a lot of the same issues, so to me, I feel more connected to others.

I love learning new things and feel my best memories are from travelling.

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