Revolutionizing Relationships: Spanish App Offers Balance in Household Chores

Muzamil Amar

Head of Content at a digital agency in Pakistan, content-marketing expert, scriptwriter

Head of Content at a digital agency in Pakistan, content-marketing expert, scriptwriter

The game of doing chores around the house will change thanks to an app coming out in Spain, and no, it won't make your vacuum dance to 'I Will Survive'. The application addresses the ongoing challenge of dividing household responsibilities between each gender lightheartedly.

Imagine men and women working together using an app to track their time on critical home tasks. The big idea? To eliminate the huge gap in domestic work, The Times  reports that the new software will track the number of hours somebody in the family spends carrying out chores and aims to rectify the gender disparity in housekeeping. Individuals can utilize the app to monitor their time for household chores. The administration's 'co-responsibility approach' will involve deploying the new application. As per a recent report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, women in Spain invest over twice the amount of time in domestic duties compared to men. The Times reports that Spain's app, whose development is anticipated to cost €211,750 (£184,183), will emphasize women's "invisible tasks" at home and have a feminist orientation.

According to Angela Rodriguez, the Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence, the app aims to be "innovative" regarding time accounting.

Considering all the tasks completed in advance, like acquiring cleaning materials or preparing a shopping list, alongside the estimated 20-minute kitchen cleaning time, emerges as crucial. The Ministry of Equality has reported that women dedicate more time to their homes than men.

At a conference for the Commission on eliminating discrimination against Women (Cedaw) in Geneva Angela Rodriguez declared, "We women spend more time on domestic tasks than men."

"And we mustn't forget the remarkable gender equilibrium, which shines as the focal point. As per UN Women  , in Spain, females allocate 19% of their time to unpaid caregiving and domestic responsibilities, while males' figure is 8.6%. But don't worry—the feminist-themed app is here to highlight the "invisible tasks." 

There's more; hold on! Not just couples, but all households are reportedly encouraged to use the app.

For "sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, or those of us who live with flatmates or life partners where an unequal distribution sometimes exists," Ms Rodriguez says she thinks it will be helpful.

"The app will be launched in September of next year. According to the Ministry of Equality interview with Euronews, it will be available for download for free and on all popular platforms. The Ministry continues, "It aims to promote shared responsibility of tasks at home through a time-use accounting system."

In addition to being unfair, unequal household work might have negative effects.

In March, a Spanish court ruled that a man must provide his former spouse with €200,000 (£174,000) for 25 years of domestic contributions. As stated on France24, the woman had dedicated herself to "managing household responsibilities and caring for the family and all related matters."

In the hopes that it will be created and released in the upcoming months, businesses are now competing to lead the new project.

According to Spain's ABC newspaper, the government has set out €211,750 (around £185,000) towards its development.

The software is intended to highlight the "invisible tasks" women perform around the house and the "mental load," which refers to all the work and planning necessary to maintain a home.

The gender equality minister cited cleaning a kitchen as an example. According to her, women frequently have to perform this duty while ensuring food in the house or buying more dishwashing soap.

Users can use the app to observe how much time each family member spends on household chores.

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