20 Best Charities for Women's Empowerment (Complete 2023 List)

Muzamil Amar

Head of Content at a digital agency in Pakistan, content-marketing expert, scriptwriter

Head of Content at a digital agency in Pakistan, content-marketing expert, scriptwriter

In recent years, the global movement for women's empowerment has gained tremendous momentum. Women worldwide are breaking barriers, challenging societal norms, and striving for gender equality in all aspects of life. While significant progress has been made, much work remains to be done. Thankfully, numerous charitable organizations are actively working towards empowering women and promoting their rights. 

From grassroots initiatives to international organizations, the selected charities encompass a diverse range of approaches to women's empowerment. Some focus on providing vocational training and financial support to help women become economically independent, while others concentrate on education and mentorship programs to cultivate leadership skills. Additionally, several organizations tackle the issue of gender-based violence, offering safe spaces, counseling, and legal aid to survivors. 

Through their tireless efforts, these charities are reshaping societies and contributing to a more inclusive and just world. By empowering women, they are uplifting individuals and transforming communities, economies, and entire nations. 

By highlighting the 20 Best Charities for Women's Empowerment, we hope to shed light on these organizations' vital role in creating lasting change.

1. Malala Fund: Providing Girls Access to Quality Education

The Malala Fund is a well-known charitable organization that provides girls with access to quality education. Named after Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and advocate for girls' education, the fund works tirelessly to ensure every girl can receive a safe, free, and quality education. 

What do they do? 

The Malala Fund believes education is a basic human right and a powerful tool for empowering girls and transforming communities. By investing in education, the fund seeks to break down the barriers that prevent girls from accessing schooling, such as poverty, cultural norms, child marriage, and discrimination. 

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2. National Women’s Law Center: Legal Advocates Fighting for Gender Justice 

The National Women's Law Center was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Their mission is to protect and promote the rights of women and girls in various areas, including reproductive rights, workplace fairness, education access, healthcare, and economic security. The organization employs a multifaceted approach combining legal expertise, policy advocacy, and public education to effect change and address systemic barriers women face. 

What They Do: 

Litigation: The NWLC engages in strategic litigation to protect women's rights, challenge discriminatory practices, and set legal precedents that advance gender equality. 

Policy Advocacy: They advocate for policy changes at the federal, state, and local levels to promote gender justice. This includes advocating for laws and regulations that address gender-based discrimination and promote equitable access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. 

Public Education and Research: The NWLC provides resources, research, and analysis to raise awareness about issues impacting women and girls. They work to shape public opinion and provide tools for individuals and organizations to advocate for gender justice. 

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3. Women for Women International: Supplying Tools of Empowerment to Women Survivors of War 

Women for Women International was founded in 1993 and is dedicated to assisting women in war-torn regions. Their mission is to provide women survivors with the support they need to transform their lives, create sustainable change, and promote gender equality. The organization operates in various countries affected by conflict, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Rwanda, etc. 

What They Do: 

Direct Support and Services: Women for Women International offers a comprehensive one-year program that provides women with training in essential life skills, business skills, and vocational skills. They also facilitate access to healthcare and legal services. The program equips women with the knowledge and tools to improve their economic stability, well-being, and decision-making abilities. 

Economic Empowerment: The organization focuses on building women's economic independence and resilience. They provide training in income-generating activities, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and savings. Women receive support to start businesses, access credit, and gain economic opportunities. 

Social Empowerment and Rights Awareness: Women for Women International emphasizes gender equality, human rights, and women's empowerment. They conduct workshops and training sessions on gender-based violence, women's rights, and advocacy. Participants develop strong self-worth and learn to challenge social norms and discrimination. 

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4. Global Fund for Women: Funding Gender Justice Movements to Empower Women Worldwide 

The Global Fund for Women was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in the United States. Their mission is to mobilize resources and support for women's rights organizations globally. They believe investing in women's organizations and movements is key to achieving gender equality and social change. 

What They Do: 

Grantmaking: The Global Fund for Women provides grants to women-led organizations and movements worldwide. These grants support various areas, including women's rights advocacy, economic empowerment, political participation, ending gender-based violence, and advancing reproductive rights. 

Capacity Building: The organization offers capacity-building support to women's organizations, including training, networking opportunities, and resources to strengthen their organizational effectiveness and sustainability. 

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5. Girls Not Brides: Advocates for an End to Child Marriage 

Girls Not Brides was launched in 2011 and brings together more than 1,500 civil society organizations from over 100 countries. Their collective goal is to end child marriage and promote the rights and well-being of girls everywhere. The partnership works towards creating a world where girls can have control over their lives, make their own choices, and reach their full potential. 

"Every girl has the right to decide if, when, and whom to marry. Together, we can end child marriage and create a brighter future for girls everywhere." - Girls Not Brides 

What They Do: 

Advocacy and Awareness: Girls Not Brides advocates at the global, national, and community levels to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of child marriage. They work with governments, policymakers, and communities to develop and implement laws, policies, and programs that protect girls' rights. 

Building Capacity: The partnership supports its members and organizations on the ground by providing resources, training, and technical assistance to enhance their capacity to address child marriage effectively. This includes sharing best practices, research, and tools to facilitate learning and collaboration. 

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6. Equality Now: Campaigners for Legislation That Protect Women’s Rights 

Equality Now was established in 1992 and is headquartered in the United States, with offices in several countries. Their mission is to work towards a world where women and girls can live free from violence and discrimination. The organization focuses on using the power of the law to create systemic change and address gender-based human rights violations. 

"Equality Now works to create a just world where women and girls have the same rights as men and boys. Together, we can make gender equality a reality." - Equality Now 

 What They Do: 

Legal Advocacy: Equality Now campaigns for creating, implementing, and enforcing laws that protect and promote women's rights. They work to eliminate discriminatory laws and practices, address gender-based violence, combat sex trafficking, and promote gender equality in various spheres of life. 

Awareness and Mobilization: The organization raises awareness about women's rights issues and mobilizes public support for legal reforms and policy changes. They engage in strategic communications, media campaigns, and advocacy efforts to amplify women's voices and promote social change. 

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7. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: Promoting Women’s Roles in Peacemaking 

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was founded in 1915 and has a presence in over 40 countries. They aim to work towards a world free from violence, armed conflict, and militarism. WILPF believes in the power of women's voices and their unique contributions to peacebuilding and social justice. 

"At WILPF, we believe that peace is possible. We work tirelessly to ensure that women's voices are heard and that their perspectives are central to creating sustainable peace and lasting change." - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 

What They Do: 

Advocacy and Lobbying: WILPF engages in advocacy and lobbying efforts at the national, regional, and international levels to promote disarmament, peacebuilding, and gender equality. They work with policymakers, governments, and international organizations to influence policies and promote nonviolent conflict resolution. 

Research and Analysis: The organization conducts research and analysis on issues related to peace, security, and gender equality. They generate evidence-based reports and publications that inform their advocacy efforts and contribute to a deeper understanding of the intersections between gender, peace, and security. 

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8.Women Deliver: Global Advocates for Women’s Health and Gender Equality 

Women Deliver was established in 2007 and operated on a global scale. Their mission is to advocate for gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. The organization focuses on empowering women and promoting their access to quality healthcare, education, economic opportunities, and political participation. 

"When we invest in girls and women, everybody wins. Gender equality and women's health are smart economics, smart politics, and just plain smart." - Women Deliver 

What do they do? 

Advocacy and Policy Influence: Women Deliver engages in advocacy efforts to shape policies, programs, and investments prioritizing women's health, rights, and well-being. They work with governments, international organizations, and partners to promote evidence-based strategies and gender-responsive approaches. 

Youth Engagement: The organization strongly emphasizes engaging and amplifying the voices of young people, particularly young women, and girls. They support youth-led initiatives, provide platforms for youth participation, and advocate for meaningful youth engagement in decision-making processes. 

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9. MADRE: Advancing Women’s Rights Through Social Participation 

MADRE was founded in 1983 and operated globally, partnering with women's groups and human rights activists in conflict-affected communities. They aim to advance women's rights and foster social participation to create a more just and equitable world. MADRE works to address the root causes of injustice and empower women to become agents of change in their communities. 

"Women's human rights are indivisible, universal, and inalienable. Together, we are creating a world where all women enjoy equality, justice, and peace." - MADRE 

What They Do: 

Women's Rights Advocacy: MADRE advocates for protecting and promoting women's rights, including gender equality, reproductive rights, and ending gender-based violence. They engage in policy advocacy, raise awareness about women's rights violations, and promote legal reforms to address gender-based discrimination. 

Humanitarian Assistance and Capacity Building: The organisation provides humanitarian aid and resources to women and communities affected by conflict, natural disasters, and other emergencies. They also focus on building the capacity of local women's organisations and activists to address the specific challenges they face. 

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10.Women’s Global Empowerment Fund 

The Women's Global Empowerment Fund was founded in 2007 and operates in Uganda. They aim to support women in post-conflict regions to create sustainable livelihoods, access education, and healthcare, and become change agents in their communities. WGEF believes empowering women economically and socially leads to positive transformation at both the individual and community levels. 

"Through access to capital, education, leadership development, and engagement in community-driven solutions, women become agents of change, advancing peace, and alleviating poverty." - Women's Global Empowerment Fund 

What They Do: 

Education and Literacy Programs: The organization runs education and literacy programs for women and girls, aiming to increase access to quality education and improve literacy rates. They also provide scholarships for girls to attend school and pursue higher education. 

Social Services and Health Programs: WGEF provides social services and health programs that address the specific needs of women and girls in post-conflict regions. This includes initiatives focused on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and access to clean water and sanitation. 

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11. Center for Reproductive Rights 

The Center for Reproductive Rights was founded in 1992 and operates internationally. They aim to promote and defend reproductive rights, including access to safe and legal abortion, contraception, and comprehensive reproductive healthcare. They work to ensure that reproductive rights are recognized and protected as fundamental human rights worldwide. 

"Reproductive rights are human rights. They are essential to the dignity, autonomy, and freedom of all individuals and communities." - Center for Reproductive Rights 

What They Do: 

Strategic Litigation: The Center for Reproductive Rights engages in strategic litigation to protect and advance reproductive rights. They challenge laws, policies, and practices restricting access to reproductive healthcare and advocate for recognising reproductive rights as fundamental human rights. 

Global Partnerships and Capacity Building: The organization collaborates with local partners, civil society organizations, and human rights advocates to build capacity, share knowledge, and strengthen the global movement for reproductive rights. They provide support, training, and resources to empower advocates and organizations working on reproductive rights. 

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12. World Pulse 

World Pulse was founded in 2004 and operated as an online platform and community. They aim to amplify women's voices, foster connection, and catalyze women's leadership to drive social change. Through their digital network, they provide a space for women to share their stories, access resources, and engage in collaborative efforts to address pressing issues. 

"When women come together, we create ripples of change that transform lives and whole communities." - World Pulse 

What They Do: 

Online Community and Platform: World Pulse operates an online community and platform where women can share their stories, experiences, and ideas. They provide a safe and supportive space for women to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other. 

Digital Empowerment Programs: The organization offers digital empowerment programs that provide training, resources, and support to women. These programs aim to enhance women's digital skills, amplify their voices, and equip them with the tools to create positive change in their communities. 

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13. The Girl Effect 

The Girl Effect was launched in 2008 as a global movement to address the unique challenges faced by adolescent girls. Their mission is to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and discrimination by investing in girls and unleashing their potential. They believe that when girls are educated, healthy, and economically empowered, they have the power to create positive change in their communities and beyond. 

"The world's 600 million adolescent girls have the unique power to end poverty for themselves and the world. But they need you to listen to their stories, invest in their potential, and support them in becoming the leaders and change-makers they are destined to be." - The Girl Effect 

What They Do: 

Adolescent Girls' Programming: The organization develops and implements programs that directly benefit adolescent girls. These programs focus on education, vocational training, life skills development, sexual and reproductive health, and entrepreneurship. By addressing these critical areas, The Girl Effect aims to equip girls with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to overcome barriers and thrive. 

Advocacy and Awareness: The Girl Effect advocates for the rights and well-being of girls on a global scale. They raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by girls, promote policy changes that prioritize girls' rights and needs, and work to mobilize resources and support for girl-focused initiatives. 

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14. Global Fund for Women 

The Global Fund for Women is an international foundation that advocates for gender equality and supports women's global human rights movements. 

"We believe that women's rights are human rights and that gender equality benefits everyone. Together, we can make a world where all women and girls can thrive." - Global Fund for Women 

What They Do: 

Grant-Making: The Global Fund for Women provides grants to grassroots women's organizations and movements worldwide. They support projects and initiatives that promote women's rights, gender equality, and social justice. The grants help strengthen women's organizations, amplify women's voices, and address key issues affecting women's lives. 

Advocacy and Movement-Building: The organization engages in advocacy efforts to influence policies, laws, and public opinion to support women's rights. They collaborate with activists, organizations, and networks to build powerful movements that drive change and challenge systemic inequalities.

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15. New Light 

New Light is a nonprofit organization based in Kolkata, India, dedicated to providing education, shelter, and support to children and women in the city's red-light district. 

We believe in the power of education to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty. Together, we can create a future where every child and woman has access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for a better life." - New Light 

What They Do: 

Education and Empowerment: New Light focuses on providing education and vocational training to children and women in the red-light district. They offer educational programs, including formal schooling and skill development workshops, to help break the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for a brighter future. 

Shelter and Healthcare: The organization operates safe homes and shelters where children and women who are victims of human trafficking, abuse, or exploitation can find refuge. New Light provides them with a safe and nurturing environment, access to healthcare services, and psychological support. 

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16. Global Grassroots 

Global Grassroots was founded in 2004 to catalyze social change from the ground up. They provide training, mentoring, and seed funding to grassroots change agents addressing social issues and promoting sustainable solutions in their communities. The organization prioritizes empowering women and girls as key agents of change. 

"Change starts with individuals who dare to envision a better world. We believe that when women and girls are empowered, entire communities can thrive. Together, we can create a more just and sustainable world." - Global Grassroots 

What They Do: 

Social Innovation Labs: Global Grassroots runs Social Innovation Labs, which are intensive training programs for social change agents. These labs provide participants with tools and skills in mindfulness, social entrepreneurship, trauma healing, and leadership. They help individuals develop their ideas into sustainable initiatives that address social and environmental challenges. 

Seed Funding: The organization offers seed grants to support the implementation of innovative social ventures developed by their trainees. These grants provide crucial financial support to launch or expand projects that promote social and environmental justice, women's empowerment, and community well-being. 

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17. Global Goods Partners 

Global Goods Partners was founded in 2005 to create economic opportunities for women artisans in developing countries. They collaborate with women-led cooperatives and community-based organizations, providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their handmade products in the global market. The organization believes in the power of fair trade and sustainable business practices to promote social change and empower women. 

"At Global Goods Partners, we believe that by investing in women artisans, we can change the world. Through our partnerships, we create pathways to prosperity, ensuring that women have the tools and resources they need to thrive." - Global Goods Partners 

What They Do: 

Market Access and Product Development: Global Goods Partners partners with women artisans to develop their skills, improve product quality, and create market-ready designs. They help artisans gain access to global markets, connecting them with ethical buyers and fair trade retailers. 

Fair Trade and Sustainable Business Practices: The organization promotes fair trade principles, ensuring that artisans receive fair wages, safe working conditions, and dignified employment opportunities. They also prioritize environmentally sustainable practices, supporting artisans using eco-friendly materials and techniques.

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18. BRAC 

BRAC operates in various sectors, including education, healthcare, microfinance, agriculture, etc. With a focus on empowering women and marginalized communities, BRAC's programs aim to address the root causes of poverty, inequality, and social injustice. The organization operates in several countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas. 

"At BRAC, we believe that empowerment is the key to unlocking human potential. By working together, we can build a world free from poverty, inequality, and injustice, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive." - BRAC 

What They Do: 

Education: BRAC ensures access to quality education for children and adults, especially in underserved areas. They operate schools, offer scholarships, and provide vocational training programs to equip individuals with the necessary skills for employment and economic independence. 

Healthcare: BRAC provides comprehensive healthcare services, including primary healthcare, maternal and child health programs, and preventive care. They operate healthcare centers, train providers, and raise awareness about health and hygiene practices. 

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CAMFED was founded in 1993 and operates in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Their mission is to support marginalized girls and young women in accessing quality education, providing them with the resources and support necessary to thrive academically, economically, and socially. CAMFED focuses on a holistic approach that addresses education and the broader needs of the students and their communities. 

"When you educate a girl, everything changes. She will learn, lead, and transform her community, creating a better future for herself and others. Together, we can make education a reality for every girl." - CAMFED 

What They Do: 

Education Support: CAMFED provides scholarships, school supplies, and uniforms to girls who are at risk of dropping out or cannot attend school due to financial constraints. They also offer mentorship and life skills training to empower girls and build their confidence. 

Teacher Training and Community Engagement: CAMFED invests in teacher training programs to ensure quality education for girls. They work closely with communities to raise awareness about the importance of girls' education and to address cultural and social barriers that hinder girls' access to education. 

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20. Boulanger Initiative

The Boulanger Initiative was founded in 2016 in honor of the pioneering composer and conductor Nadia Boulanger. The organization's mission is to showcase and amplify the voices of women composers and conductors historically underrepresented in classical music. They seek to challenge gender biases and create opportunities for women to have their music heard and performed.

"At the Boulanger Initiative, we believe in the power of music to transcend boundaries and challenge stereotypes. By amplifying the voices of women composers and conductors, we are not only rewriting the narrative of classical music but also creating a more inclusive and equitable future." - Boulanger Initiative

What do They do?

Concerts and Events: The Boulanger Initiative organizes concerts, recitals, and other musical events that feature the works of women composers. They collaborate with orchestras, ensembles, and individual musicians to showcase diverse musical talent and highlight the contributions of women in classical music.

Education and Outreach: The organization provides educational programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities for emerging women composers and conductors. They offer resources, support, and guidance to help women pursue successful careers in the classical music industry.

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Women's empowerment is a crucial and ongoing mission that requires collective effort and support. The organizations mentioned in this discussion are just a few examples of the many initiatives dedicated to advancing gender equality and uplifting women worldwide. By promoting education, providing resources and opportunities, advocating for women's rights, and addressing systemic inequalities, these organizations are making a significant impact. 

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