The Illusion of Luxury: 5 Clothing Pieces That Look Cheap

Olesia Borodenko

Personal Stylist, Image Maker, and Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

Olesia Borodenko, the Personal Stylist, Image Maker, and Fashion Blogger with a devoted following of 100k enthusiasts, is here to elevate women's style by harmonizing it with their inner beauty and feelings.

Not everything that's sold in stores is fashionable: it doesn't matter whether it's a luxury brand or mass-market. As a wardrobe curator for my clients for over three years, I often come across a common fashion mistake: purchasing clothes that are advertised as trendy but end up looking outdated and cheap.

Even those with luxury wardrobes fall into this trap, despite having the means to afford any clothing they desire.

So, sit comfortably and prepare to refine your taste in fashion as we discuss five items still found in every shop but no longer considered trendy. It's time to let them go.

The first item in many luxury wardrobes is the tricky blazer from Zara. Mixing luxury with mass-market clothes can be great, but Zara has hypnotized everyone with these short-sleeve blazers. Blazers with rolled-up sleeves or sleeves that don't cover our wrists give off a cheap look.

Remember, if you want to look stylish, choose a full-size jacket with a full-size sleeve or a bigger size. U can roll the sleeves up any time, but when the jacket already has such a sleeve - it's a sign it's not stylish.

The second item is the v-neck t-shirt. This piece is not even suitable for the gym. If you aim to build a basic wardrobe and want to look expensive on a budget or show off your amazing taste, choose round-neck t-shirts instead, even if you have a round-shaped face.

The third item to avoid is skinny jeans. While they have many fans, they remain one of the biggest style faux pas, second only to getting the wrong eyebrow colour from a new brow master. Skinny jeans can appear dull and outdated. It's time to opt for more flattering shapes for your body, such as straight or wide-leg jeans.

Item #4 refers to clothing adorned with logos. When an outfit is overloaded with logos, it gives off a cheap look, irrespective of whether it's Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga. Delving into psychology, individuals often overuse logos when they are unsure of themselves, as if they're trying to prove their worth to the world.

The last item that tends to look cheap is slim-fit, short trousers. It's 2023, and it's high time to choose more stylish types of trousers, such as wide-leg, straight-fit, palazzo, etc. While slim-fit trousers will continue to be sold as long as people keep buying them, breaking the cycle and exploring well-shaped trousers from various brands is important.

If you enjoy these style tips and are eager to refine your taste for an expensive-looking aesthetic, join me on my YouTube channel.

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