5 Essential Wardrobe Staples for the Summer 2023

Polina Bregman

Personal stylist and image strategist

Polina Bregman, a personal stylist and image strategist, has gleaned from her experience that improving one's external image can significantly enhance the present moment of life.

My dear, I warmly welcome you to the pages of this magazine. I am Polina Bregman, your humble image consultant.

My journey into this profession began with my own personal struggle. As a creative individual designing collections, I once looked at my own wardrobe and felt disconnected from the items within it.

I was confused, so I decided to ask a stylist for help. That's when my journey in this profession began. As I witnessed the positive changes it brought not only to myself but also to my friends, they started seeking my help and guidance

The first crucial step in developing your unique style lies not in creativity, but in understanding the fundamentals.

 Just like an artist and their canvas, you can create a special and distinctive image based on this foundation.

1. The cornerstone of a basic wardrobe is a lightweight T-shirt, and I highly recommend exploring the minimalist and high-quality brand COS.


You can also purchase a basic t-shirt made of dense fabric from H&M.

2. Next, we have an essential item that 90% of people cannot imagine their lives without — jeans.

I advise girls with a narrow waist and rounded hips to opt for a high-rise fit (covering the navel)!

If you have a smaller gap between your waist and hips, you can experiment with medium-rise jeans, which are currently in fashion.

An essential requirement is that the jeans should flatter your figure and fit perfectly.

Sometimes it may take time to find that ideal pair, and in such cases, I recommend looking into Levi's.

Additionally, Zara often offers nice styles made with 99% cotton (which is a desirable quality for good jeans).

Colin's and TopShop are also worth considering.


2 The third crucial item for a basic wardrobe is a versatile bag.
Based on my experience, a medium-sized structured bag is a wise investment.

However, you can choose the shape of the bag to complement your body type. Opt for a clear shape for rounded figures, and a softer shape for sharper figures.

Personally, I have a favorite Ukrainian brand of handbags called VerbenA Handbags, which I highly recommend.

VerbenA Handbags

You can also find excellent options on international sites like Farfetch and Zalando.

4. The fourth important element of a basic wardrobe is a simple, minimalist shirt, slightly oversized, made from linen or cotton.

It's an ideal choice. Stick to basic colors such as white, milky, blue, khaki, and experiment with more saturated shades if they suit your character and wardrobe.

COS and Uniqlo offer some nice options for shirts.


5. As for the warmer season, the fifth item I consider essential is a concise sundress.

You can find these anywhere, from Mango, Zara, and Massimo Dutti to Ukrainian brand Over the See Dress, among others.

Massimo Dutti 
 Over the See Dress

Remember, you can be different and experiment with different looks, but most importantly, you must be happy and comfortable with yourself.

This is precisely my task as an image consultant.

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